Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Many Miles of Shopping!

A plan of attack is important during Round Top Antique Festival.  There are miles and miles of shopping.
1.  Groups need to wear bright clothing so they can be spotted from the crowd
2.  Walking shoes
3.  Comfortable clothing for the trip
4.  Hat and sunglasses
5.  Drive in a vehicle that can accommodate the items you find
6.  Cell phones need to be charged
7.  Lots of cash ( some vendors don't take credit cards)
8.  Might make a better deal if they don't have to pay for running the credit card.  Some fees are high and you might just get that off the cost with cash.
9.  Always ask what their best price is.
10.  Carry water with you and scout places to eat ahead of time and don't wait to try t eat at the prime times.  Go early or later.
11.  Pull carts can come in handy for smalls that you pick up along the way!

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