Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This Year's Cookie Exchange was a Blast!

Attended a Cookie Exchange last night!
They are so much fun.

First you make the cookies. 
 Pick a cookie that will hold up and not crumble.
Making a 4 dozen cookie recipe that actually comes out with 48 cookies can be tricky!
Then cool, ice, and package to transport to the party.

Visit with everyone, 
eat dinner, 
and then swap cookies.  
Now you go home with a variety of wonderful cookies!

You say, what do you do with all of those cookies?

Start spreading the Cheer!
 I package mine up in cute baggies, tag them with a holiday note
and then start delivering them to 
the mailman,
our neighbors,
my hair stylist,
the lifeguards at the swimming pool, 
the workers at the church,
.... and of course a few for me!
The Brenham House Bed and Breakfast 

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