Saturday, January 14, 2012

See you at the Brenham Uptown Swirl

What a glorious day!  
The sun is shining and it is just beautiful outside. 
 January 14, 2012 and our first Uptown Swirl.

We have a full house tonight and tomorrow night.  Our guest have yet to arrive, but will be here in time to start the wine tasting in historic downtown.

All of the stores, eateries, and the visitor's center are getting ready for greet all of our guests to downtown and are ready for the sampling to begin.  Texas as well as international wines will be available for tasting.
We have already purchased our wine glasses and are excited about getting downtown to see all of our friends!
You may want to make reservations at Volare for dinner tonight

I know they have already sold out of the glasses and will be selling another type wine glass to those who did not buy their tickets ahead of time.
Go to the gazebo on Alamo Street at the courthouse to begin.
We wii see you down there!

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