Friday, March 2, 2012

Coach Pappy Drennan's Roses

Coach Pappy Drennan
Jimmy's high school coach passed away a few months ago, at 101 years old.  
He was the oldest living A&M University- Aggie, at the time that he passed.

These football players made an effort to get to his birthday parties each year, 
in Beaumont, Texas.
The players and their wives checked on Pappy regularly.
Pappy loved roses and had a glorious rose garden, in his yard.
After his passing, the football players lovingly dug up rose bushes from his yard.
These are the ones Jimmy brought home.  We transplanted them in the winter months.
 We were so happy to see the new growth and the flowers start to bloom!

When the red one starts to bloom I'll let you see!
We will cherish these roses and memories of Coach Pappy Drennan.

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