Friday, September 21, 2012

White Picket Fences in Brenham, Texas

White Picket Fences are found all throughout Brenham, Texas.

Picket fences have been popular since colonial times right up to today. 
Usually made out of wood and painted white. 
 The white tint painted on the fence is usually the same white trim used, on the home.  If the home is pure white, so are the pickets.  
If the trim on the house is a tinted white color, then that is the color used on the fence.

The design of the picket is usually determined by the slant of the roof on the house.
Victorian homes are usually more ornate.
For very pointed roofs the pickets are pointed.

Less steep pointed homes may use a dog-eared picket.

Throughout Brenham you will see all types of picket fences!

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