Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Cannery Kitchen

The Cannery Kitchen at the end of our street is now open for business.  It has been renovated and this is the beautiful mural that was painted on the building.  The Cannery Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner.
Closed on Tues. and Wed. to the public, but is available for clubs.
Cost is $10.00
There is a gift shop inside as well.

... so if you are in the downtown area stop by and give it a try!


Dorothy Deen said...

The Cannery Kitchen hosted a meeting of TX-CURE last Saturday (May 28, 2011) and we can attest to their friendly welcome and the courtesy of all the staff. The food served for lunch was well prepared, well seasoned and just first-rate all around. The Blue Bell ice cream was a special treat, as Blue Bell ice cream always is. If you weren’t going to be in the downtown area of Brenham, I suggest that you go anyhow. A meal here would make the trip worth it! Thanks, Susan and James, for a delicious meal and your kind hospitality.

Daniel said...

Very rude service. Frankly, there wasn't any service. I came in as customer. There was a prayer group in the main dining room. I enjoyed the message. But this is still a restaurant I thought. When I asked for coffee I was chastised for asking. I was instructed there was a whole pot on another table where others were dining. I won't recommend this place to anyone.

Anonymous said...

The Cannery is a restaurant that is a mission. The people woking there are being trained so they can go out and get a job. You need to remember this is a training school. There are always new people coming in and starting their classes. It is great that these employees are getting a hand up and not a hand out! Many of the organizations here in Brenham meet there for lunch to support the work going on there.